Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Game of Thrones

I came late to The Game of Thrones on HBO but all the talk about Peter Dinklage's performance made me check it out. Turns out he was not the only great thing. As the season just finished on Sunday let me summarize what happened.

Oh, aah, eww, aha, OMG!, ooh okay.

An expanded summary is more about how people are battling for leadership of an entire world. This world has many kingdoms, magic, the walking dead, and even a few dragons. While all the people are killing each other a powerful evil is coming from the far north.

After the first few episodes you should refer to the cast guide as you may need it. 

Now that you got the faces straight now try and get the houses and orders sorted out.

If there is ever a show to watch in marathon form it is this one. I do admit the first season is slow and mostly uneventful until the end. They hint at magic but it is not confirmed until the last episode. After that the show picks up with the Red Wedding being the cherry on an awful sundae.

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