Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Jodi Guilty...of What?

Again another alleged high profile trial interrupting regularly scheduled TV. Just like the others they are West Coast based and not much talk over in the East especially NYC. Apparently the woman, Jodi Arias, on trial is camera friendly so they made a national case out of this non-story. The only people who should have cared was the victim's family.

As with car chases, celebrity troubles, and hot chick murder trials the west coast has been exporting nothing but time wasters. Since cameras are allowed in courts they change the course of the trial from evidentiary to overly dramatic. NYC has generally barred cameras so we have never been fascinated with the trial just the verdict.

I did not even know about this until a month ago when Dr. Drew kept mentioning it on Loveline. He said people out there were on the edge of their seats about Jodi Arias mostly because there were sexy photos involved. Of course I and most East Coaster could care less since we having constant threats of bombings, Hurricane Sandy, and the Sandy Hook massacre. Things like a domestic murder was low on the list of things to pay attention to at the moment. I watch news every day and it was mentioned maybe a few times over the last couple months and always as the 10th or later story.

So she was found guilty and that changes my life how? The large soda ban will affect me more than any west coast trial.

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