Sunday, April 01, 2012

Find Our Missing

Find Our Missing

This docu-drama series on TV One is shedding light on people of color who go missing with little press or legal recourse. Hosted by the great actress S. Epatha Merkerson each episode is a mix of real life interviews and re-enactments.

Watching five episodes in a row was quite depressing. How can adult Americans with varying backgrounds can just disappear without a clue is amazing.

The particular problem with these missing people is the cultural racism in America. The first 24 hours that a person goes missing is important but local and federal authorities tend to label missing people of color as "runaways". Once this term is used priority shifts to more important cases.

Second is media bias which tends not to show missing people of color since they are not as considered photogenic. Third is the years of prejudice faced by people of color make a portion of them reluctant to "see something and say something". The term snitching is what is often used. Snitching is what criminals label people who help their communities in order to intimidate and continue their criminal ways. If you ever here someone say "no snitching" they are criminals or support criminal activities.

All this combined makes Find Our Missing a very important show. Hopefully this show will find a national audience. It is well done and the stories are very moving. I know I will keep an eye out and hope others do as well.

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