Sunday, March 11, 2012

Game of Thrones Marathon

So after a year of hearing how great this show was I finally saw it. HBO had a marathon on one of there many channels. Watching back to back thanks to TiVo made it better, pausing to sleep of course.

Houses of the Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones is a fantasy drama  about waring lordships. The families are quite dysfunctional and tend to do the worst. The Lannisters are the worst. They are a bunch of power hungry, incestuous, tyrants who are winning politically. The Stark clan are the good guys who do not want the throne but are forced into the middle of everything.

While the families are distracted something evil is lurking in the far north. In the novel the things in the cold north are known as "the others" but it was changed to White Walkers for Lost reasons. Apparently there has been nine years of summer and the winter is coming. The winter may be long and with it will come the White Walkers and the possible end of the world. Oh these Walkers can make zombies so that is kind of bad.

Overall the show is okay. Season one of True Blood and Rome was much better. I do not see why so many people love this show. Yes it is well acted and the filming locations are nice but it lacks heart. The good and bad people lack dimension I am not emotionally involved. I root for the good guys only because the bad people are awful not because I care for them.

Game of Thrones: Is an epic, dynastic power struggle, set in a mythical kingdom, where competing families spin a web of conspiracy and betrayal in a feud to control the Iron Throne.

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