Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Why is this funny?

Bridesmaids was an okay movie I had about two or three chuckles. What I do not get is why so much hype? I remember laughing so hard at the second Austin Powers film that I could hardly breath. But Bridesmaids went to the Oscars and it had a few smile moments and a nice message but that is it.

Luckily I did not spend a dime to watch it in theaters instead I waited for my cable to show it. Reminded me of There's Something About Mary which also was much hyped and did not even get me to laugh once.

Yes I know humor is subjective and I watch lots of comedies like The Big C which have few laugh-out-loud moments but I get the humor. With the exception of Wiig and McCarthy doing SNL skits I saw little attempt at being funny.

At first I felt I am getting old. These kids today and there slapstick comedies and YouTube are not as good as in my day. Yet there were a slew of years in the late 1970s-1980s where the movies were horrid too, thanks to reruns I saw most of them. Somewhere in the mid-1980s Steven Spielberg changed it all and great movies like those in the 1940s came back.

Then came Titanic and I found nothing great about that movie yet everyone else was entranced. That ushered a teen driven mess of unwatchable hits. All the Harry Potters, Twilights, and Dark Knight movies  are among the worst movies ever yet no one seems to notice. Christian Bale is great in Empire of the Sun but in the Dark Knight he is completely not believable and The Joker is ridiculous.

Not that the past two decades have been lost but most of the entertaining movies have been romantic comedies. Honestly I know my taste are unique but in the past ten years I went from watching 20 great movies a year to less than 2 great movies a year, and these few are not even hits. I just went through the list of 2009-2010 top 50 movies according to Moviefone and I only found 2 were good.

Here is what I enjoyed recently:
Something Borrowed
Vanishing on 7th Street
The Hurt Locker

Please any other recommendations will be appreciated.

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