Monday, April 02, 2012

Preparing for Nothing

Doomsday Preppers

This National Geographic Channel series documents people who live in constant fear of everything. They choose not to address their own paranoid schizophrenic behavior and instead they prepare for the alleged upcoming chaos.

Since mankind first tried to predict the future there has been cries of "the end of the world". While people should be prepared in case of emergency these folks take it to extremes.

Preston White
A seed collector fears the radioactive fallout from Fukushima-Japan disaster will poison our food supply. Ignoring all science and reasoning he hoarded seeds and began growing plants in tents, his neighbors must be thrilled. He is also looking to form a collective. Granted when he tried it devolved into a desert shootout that had no legal actions as everyone involved had wacky versions of what happened. No psychiatrists were involved although they should be.

Becky Brown
This lady believes the government will set up Martial Law throughout the land because of high unemployment and debt within the next 2 years. She has an apartment next to the Salt Lake City capital building and has a ton of long lasting food with her at all times. Again she ignores the fact that it has been over 100 years since the U.S. used Martial Law within the U.S. borders. Not to mention that if the government was that powerful that she would be hauled away in a flash and all her supplies confiscated before she can taze anyone.

I do enjoy the engineering and science used to make all these shelters and supplies. The problem is the reasoning behind their actions is completely flawed. Whatever global disaster that is powerful to need a doomsday shelter will leave most preppers dead. Were they to survive even a fifty year supply would eventually run out. Disease and dental problems are so common but with a society it can be fixed. Without a society simple infections will kill you and cancer with a 90% recovery rate will become fatal.

Then there is the gun aspect. These people know that they will be targets but again the wrongly think that they can defend their homes and shelters. If a large organized group attacks them they will have missile and tech that can slice through any bunker within seconds. Unorganized and non-preppers will overwhelm them like it was The Walking Dead. Seriously in Los Angeles gang members of 10,000+ per gang have held feuds for 50+ years. Do you think one family with guns who shoots at them will win?

The show is entertaining for the bits of information that you can pick up and use in real life. Also staring at these characters is scary because these are the types who will cause problems in your neighborhood not the ones who will save it. I lived in New York City through several terrorists attacks, several blackouts, government shutdowns,and poverty & wealth rates that rival any other place. But guess what most people survived and thrived despite the headlines. Reminds me of this book where the abusive father hoarded coins and gold while his paranoia about the end of days got worse. He died and the family left the property never finding the hoard and needing therapy to live day by day.

Note: I did learn that Heirloom seeds means they will grow fruits and vegetables that will bear seeds like the original.

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