Tuesday, February 07, 2012

2012 Superbowl Champion NY Giants

Nice to see my home team win the Superbowl over their evil arch rivals. The game itself was great and tense even in the final seconds.

The Giants are known for 4th quarter comebacks and they did not disappoint. Let's face it the blew a 9-0 lead yet still fought back.

The Superbowl commercials were blah. I guess since most were shown online and in the news prior to the game it made the whole thing anticlimactic. The best for me was the one with the dog losing weight to get through his doggie door to chase some car.

Halftime show was a greatest hits mash-up that proved dancing should be left to the young. The low point was when M.I.A. try to make herself relevant by flipping the bird, grinding too much and cussing.

Time for a parade.

The parade was crowded and although it is 50 degrees and sunny I did not want to take a sick day so I watched it instead. Also I tried but could not win tickets to the Key to the City Ceremony. 250 tickets were up for grabs to 8 million New Yorkers, chances of winning were slim.

Great day for fans and an honorable team

Despite what the the incredibly loud and extremely morbose governor of NJ says the NY Giants will always be a NYC team despite their playing location. Lombardi Trophy is back in Vince Lombardi's home of NYC.

Now time for the NY Rangers to step it up.

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