Friday, February 10, 2012

Chuck: Series Finale

So I'm slightly late, big deal thanks to downloading some people are watching the first season while others are about to see the final episode.

Chuck: Chuck Versus the Goodbye

Sarah has the intersect wiped from her head but in the process lost most of her memories of the last few seasons years. Everyone in Chuck's life gathers to help the Sarah but at the end she is still at a loss. Chuck decides that a true love's kiss will bring it all back and that is where it ends.

Spying done we are left with the notion whether or not the kiss worked these two people will be together forever.

As a whole the series was great. Very clever and well acted. Their not so subtle pop culture references were awesome. The constant struggle to stay on air was highlighted by an in-show Subway promotions but also by the cast staying together.

I hope NBC continues with the tradition of scripted shows despite the struggle with Chuck.


  1. I liked "Chuck" a lot in the beginning, but I lost interest when there were long delays between seasons. I'm glad that the show got a proper finale, though. To me, leaving viewers with a cliffhanger is disrespectful.

  2. To me, leaving viewers with a cliffhanger is disrespectful.

    I see that but I think it doe not matter they will fall in love again so it is not really a cliffhanger.


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