Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It Isn't What It Is!

Parenthood: It Is What It Is!

File this under "TV" People Problems.

This happens to be the 1,000th time I have seen a show where certain privileged people have their smart child get into a great school and the parents have to break the "bad: news. "Honey we can't afford it."

Ridiculous is an understatement. First if the child is smart and there will be scholarships (69% of all scholarships go to whites like this character). Second financial aid and savings in America will cover everything for everyone who wants to go to college, regardless of race (in the USA 50% of all minority funds go to white women which is what this character happens to be). Third student loans may be a lot but attending a top university will pay for itself. Fourth you have a huge family and friends borrow and beg. Fifth get a job, work-study is real and from the government and which means it will be perfect for people with financial needs.

There are too many people going to college these days. Virtually anyone who wants to go and is smart enough can go, hell a lot of them are as dumb as rocks and still go. Miss Haddie Braverman has a 4.1 GPA and she can't afford a top school! Awful parenting is no excuse, just get into the school, graduate, and payoff the loans in two with your top salary.

Okay tell him to shove it and go to your college of choice.

The one saving grace is at the end the parents decided to do everything it takes to get their kid to a decent school.

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