Thursday, February 09, 2012

The River

The River : Magus

Magus is the boat lost in the Amazon headed by some doctor of unknown degrees. This Dr Cole is also an adventurer and has a documentary show. Through clips we see the Doc and his family when they were young. There is a lot of foreshadowing leading us to think he was purposefully looking for something.

The something he is looking for seems to be magic, instead we are finding ghosts. The boat has a trapped blood drinking ghost that can be fooled by a baby's coffin. The fact everyone accepts ghosts and ignore warnings is beyond belief.

The River: Marbeley

The boat fixed the new crew of the Magus try to find the old crew. Ignoring all warning Dr. Cole sends a dragonfly to tell the new crew to get out. Even with the amazing use of dragonfly-possession to get a message through no one seems to be shocked and continues the journey. Meanwhile a ghost of a brat tries to steal a mom. Marbeley is the stuffed bear of Dr. Cole's grown son.

This show is filmed in shaking cam style that no documentary crew in real life would ever do. The people who make these shows and movies like Paranormal Activity have never seen a real documentary. Some of the best and clearest videos in the world come from documentaries.

The only people who use substandard cameras and grainy footage are fakers like Ghost Hunter or bigfoot hunters.

Also the pilot was filmed in El Yunque in Purto Rico so all the coquis and palm trees made it feel fake. Then they moved production to Hawaii. At this point you where just shouting hey isn't that where Kate hid in Lost.

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