Wednesday, April 01, 2009

This is Not Spring

Andy Hallet was great as the thin green Lorne on Angel and wondered why he never worked much. Apparently he got sick shortly after the final episode and after years of struggle died this past week. This is sad and one of a number of tragedies to follow the cast and crew of Angel.

The guy was 33, seriously messed up. If your wondering no I don't believe in the jinx or on set curses.

Another loss is the oldest soap opera ever has been canceled.
Guiding Light has been going on for 72 years, that is before TV for you young ones.
Starting as a 15 minutes serial on radio in 1937 it made the successful switch to TV in 1952 but alas the internet will not see graceful transition. The hour of TV is now free for some awful talk show or daytime reality crap.
Not that I can ever recall seeing any episodes I will watch it sign off on September 18, 2009.


  1. Anonymous7:51 PM

    weird. what other casualties were related to the 'Angel' cast?

  2. Glenn Quinn (Season 1) he also worked on Roseanne and overdosed after season 1 of Angel was over.

    I thought there was a terrible stunt accident but I can't recall.

  3. They used to say there was a curse on members of the cast of "Dad's Army"; an old British sit-com, with the number that died all around the same time.

    The thing is... most were old men anyway, so it was kind of inevitable!


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