Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Penn State

Kal Penn was the best part of House lately. His sudden exit was shocking in a time when TV shows rarely shock. I was just complaining about the lack of suicidal storylines on dramas and then poor Kutner had to prove me wrong. And yes that was Penn playing his own bloody corpse.

Penn is now part of the Obama White House and should make a fine…liaison? Whatever he will do it at least we know he’ll still be acting.

Actors Kal Penn and Jenna Von Oy arrive at the "Harold and KumarSeen here with Jenna von Oÿ for no particular reason.


  1. We were disappointed when Kutner was killed off, too. Hopefully, we will get to see Penn in something other than another Harold and Kumar movie soon.

  2. Unfortuantely he has said that while in the White House he will not be acting or working in Hollywood until his duties are over.


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