Thursday, March 19, 2009

43 Not the Ultimate Answer

43 hours dedicated to watching Kyle XY and the last episode resolves nothing.

By now I assume everyone who cares about the ABC Family tween sci-fi drama has seen the episode. Kyle has an evil half brother and his mom may also be evil. The clone wars have begun. Plus he's in love with two girls, granted if he is a super genius he can find a way to have both. Everyone else well their storylines were just left semi-resolved.

They did it to Surface and will do it to every sci-fi family show. If I had something better to do I would invest my time in something better like reading, oh wait the Dark Tower series ended worse than the Sopranos finale.

Okay then I'll listen to some radio, OH NO they changed my favorite, my default, and the best part of over-the-air music from KROCK to a top 40 crapfest. The same station that changed from Rock to Talk and then back to Rock is know full of the worst Top 40 songs a person will not remember in 5 years.


  1. I liked "Kyle XY", but it seems it died a death over here, and they've stopped showing it now...

  2. ABM and I were LIVID when they dropped that bombshell in the final scene! With other canceled series, we used to hold out hope that a few made-for-TV movies would be created but those seem to have gone the way of the dinosaurs. So now we are just trying to get over the abrupt ending.

    What aggravates me in particular is that Kyle XY got dropped from a cable network. Traditionally, cable networks didn't expect the high ratings that one of the Big Three need to keep a series. ABC Family doesn't have that many original series to begin with, so I don't know why they would drop one.

    The other thing that bothers me is that Lincoln Heights, a show they renewed, doesn't have anywhere else to go plot-wise. Even my husband, who always wants his favorite shows to continue forever, admits that it is time for Lincoln Heights to end.

  3. With new shows like Greeks, Roommates, The Secret Life Of an American Teen, and Sophie all are on Monday they seem to be ditching the family shows and going after "tweens".

    Sci-fi like Kyle XY and Middleman have no room in a pre-teen girl's life.

  4. Can’t ABC Family see that a mini-series or a made-for-tv movie to tie up loose ends would be a ratings boom? Or maybe just an itunes movie download? People would pay! Isn’t that what they want in the end?

    I’m still holding out hope, no matter what I hear in the news. Like the song (Earlimart - “Before It Gets Better”) featured in the finale episode says, “It’s gonna get worse, before it gets better”

  5. Made for TV final special would be great but if they want to make it for sale it would be horrible.

    Recently watching the Futurama and Stargate made for DVD episodes I was completely bored, they lack the heart of the original.


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