Friday, April 03, 2009

The End is Nigh

ER: And In The End...
A hour long clip show featuring only the fake doctors talking and none of the fake nurses which seemed wrong. Still there were some great memories and touching scenes.

The episode was a regular stint at the ER with mothers in peril and ignorant kids who party too hard. Many of the the original cast came back and they were all awkward. The only shining star of the night was Alexis Bledel as the never before seen Dr. Wise. She was scared and did not act as if she was so cool that all the misery around her was just background for her own drama.

John Stamos played George Clooney, Scott Grimes played Anthony Edwards, Linda Cardellini played Julianna Margulies, as a homage to Michael Crichton. They showed Dr. Green's daughter all grown up and ready to join the ER and probably tragically die or get viciously assaulted, but that is for an unseen future.

All in all it wrapped up nicely, no grand explosions or nuclear bombs.

Life on Mars(US): Life is a Rock
I saw the first episode and new this would end bad. No surprise as it did. American network producers, writers, and execs always do things out of fear. They never take a real chance because they may offend someone. This is a trend since All in the Family transformed into Archie Bunker's Place.
Back to the ending it turns out the entire show was a lie. The year is 2035 and the main characters have just spent years in stasis with a Dollhouse type program running in their heads. Sam chose to be a cop in NYC in 2008 but a glitch threw the time off by 25 years. Once they woke up they ignored their dreams and stepped onto the Martian soil.

Seeing the UK version with its great ending I can't help but be disappointed that the US took the title literally. In Life on Mars(UK) he woke up from a coma and realized his coma world is better than the real world and decides to jump off the roof to go back. Suicide may be a downer but it fit perfectly.


  1. I still can't get on with "LOM", the UK version. But my Father does nothing but rave on about it as soon as you mention it.

  2. The pace of that show is different, compared to other crime or sci-fi dramas. I can only compare it to a Canadian show called The Odyssey", another coma turn adventure show, which still had a better ending then the US Life on Mars.


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