Thursday, July 03, 2008

Allergic to the Sun

I've been home relaxing and doing nothing of any importance when suddenly I realized I have a TiVo. So quickly I enable TiVo suggestions to automatically record anything that pops up.

One month later I'm still bored with TV.

The last few years there 6 to 10 summer shows worth watching, now there is nothing.

I'm so desperate for TV I started watching Law & Order: Criminal Intent, CSI: Miami, Cold Case, all are TiVo suggestions. Apparently my TiVo thinks I'm a cop show freak.

I do enjoy these shows, except for CSI: Miami the acting is just horrible.

It got so bad I started watching Life on Mars online the British version because the upcoming U.S. version is not officially out yet. This time traveling cop show reminds me of The Odyssey a Canadian kids TV show about a boy who falls into a coma and enters a mysterious world and searches for his missing father.

TiVo also recorded Weeds for me which turned out to be nicer then when I originally tried watching this show.

Then after words they have Secret Diary of a Call Girl which is about the worlds most boring hooker. She starts of the series by saying she does not do drugs, was never touched by an uncle, and is just horny. That statement alone turned this show from fiction to fantasy. I wonder if these women were any other ethnicity would they still be comedies.

Either way during every episode we are treated to Belle the hooker's different trysts. Each one more boring then the next. In the "all-nighter" she had to go to we were treated to a two minute montage of her being bored.

Where are my shows? My sci-fi, my mid-season replacements, and even reruns.

Sure I could go out and interact with real people but that is too much work.

Minisodes are not enough.


  1. There seemed to be a summer series boom the past few years when networks discovered that shows could be successful during this time of year. However, I think the writers' strike pushed back many shows that could have started this summer.

    Luckily, I'm not as picky as you are :-), so I've been able to find shows I enjoy. So You Think You Can Dance is my summer addiction. I'm enjoying The Middleman as well. In a couple weeks, I'll have The Closer and Saving Grace. After that, Mad Men and Eureka will be starting up.

    I've also been making good use of my NetFlix subscription and sites where I can stream or download shows online. I've already blazed through all 8 episodes of Secret Diary of a Call Girl. (It's too light to wait for week to week, but not bad if you watch it all in one sitting.) I've been watching Doctor Who on the British schedule and looking forward to the finale on Saturday. Gavin and Stacey is hilarious if you don't mind watching streaming video online.

  2. Totally agree that the writers strike messed up everything.

    Also Doctor Who is great but I see it on the American schedule and it's just not the same.

    Occasionally I've seen an episode of Wipeout but that's my limit on reality.

    All the other shows you mentioned seemed interesting but I missed the first few episodes and don't want to start in the middle.

    I have made the mistake of watching full length movies and well a rant on how bad movies have become will come soon.

  3. I don't really use my NetFlix account for movies. I use to it rent TV series on DVD. Usually they are either British series, vintage series, or series that I didn't get to see because they aired on a premium channel. Right now, I have The Rosemary Clooney Show from 1956.

    I think that The Closer, Saving Grace, Mad Men, and Eureka already have their 1st seasons on video. The Middleman is ABC Family so you can stream that online legally from their site.


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