Thursday, July 31, 2008

Reality Bites Now Your Wounded

One reason I hate reality shows, besides the obvious, are the lack of updates.

I'll admit to watching While You Were Out, What Not to Wear, Moving Up, and others. The problem with these shows is that they have no follow-up.

I loved the PBS documentaries because after a few years they would always add an update, granted is was to say that the subject/animal/environment of the documentary is now dead.

This Old House, Hometime, and New Yankee Workshop were good with updates but the episodes were never played in order.

Extreme Home Makeover

The joke of home remodeling shows. It's where they take unstable households and give the ridiculous homes, it's like Pimp My Ride for houses. You know that it can't end well but we never see what happens.

A year or so ago we heard of one girl who had a house built for her then the family kept the house after the gave her up.

Now comes the Harper family.

Given a house, no mortgage, scholarships for the kids, and community support. So what did they do the got a loan for the same value of the house started a construction business and then lost both.

What I want is regular updates. I'd watch these shows on a regular basis if I knew I could see stories like the Harper's. This is real life. People are given a chance and either they succeed, fail, or stay the same but at least we get a drama.

I want every episode of these reality shows updated. Where is Justin Guarini or that chick who got a new wardrobe in season 1 of What Not to Wear.

I give the idea for free. Make a blog with every reality show and full in depth updates.


  1. Amber loves reality shows and watches all of them. I'm very cynical and truly do believe a lot of them are mostly "made up".

    I watch bits of them, and I think "That guy's clearly acting..." and it turns me off the show.

    I do wonder how Amber, who's an intelligent person, cannot see this, but she reckons I'm wrong...

    The other aspect is would you watch a reality show where nothing actually happened? Or, in other words, they have to be controversial to keep people's attention.

    I think this is why we never get to see "the follow up" in most of these shows.

    No, give me a documentary and I'm happy. You can have the reality shows...

  2. Completely agree.

    I'll say that season 1 of all these reality shows are the most "real" but after that it's just actors trying to be famous.

  3. I agree with you, Man. Season 1 of "Real World" was the closest to reality of any show I have every seen. After that, people seemed to have agendas before the cameras even start rolling.

    A family from my husband's church was chosen for "Extreme Home Makeover". They are showing off the house on Monday (I hate calling it "the reveal"), but I'm not going. I was turned off by that show after reading a few stories like the Harpers.

    The reality shows I like are the competition shows. For instance, I am a big fan of "So You Think You Can Dance". I don't really care who wins; I watch to see people showing off their skills. My teen daughters also like "Shear Genius" because they like to see the hairstyles.

    I think that reality shows are a bit like professional wrestling. They both can be enjoyable if you admit to yourself up front that they aren't real. I like to watch "Gene Simmons' Family Jewels". It is very obvious that they set up situations for the family to see how they will react to them. To me, that's like improv comedy and Gene and his kids happen to have pretty good timing.

  4. I also enjoy Run's House and there is a cooking show with judges, I don't know the name.

    I like a lot of those cooking shows only because in my head I can really cook.


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