Saturday, April 22, 2006

Sheen Should Be Shunned

My rant about Charlie Sheen a few days ago has been confirmed by his wife, Denise Richards. When I wrote Stupid Guy I was just speaking about his ridiculous comments about 9/11 but now he has stupid ideas about everything.
At The Smoking Gun they claim to have a restraining order filed by his wife.
Here's some points I found interesting...

  1. He believes that stopping breast-feeding causes brain damage.
  2. He thinks that vaccines are poisonous.
  3. He used a chiropractor to give bad medical device about his daughter.(Yes in Two and a Half Men his brother is a chiropractor, Hey Charlie that show is fiction!)
  4. Obsessed about vaccine poisons, 9/11 conspiracies and hid gun under tables for protection while kids played in the house.
  5. Carried Nicole Simpson's dead body pictures.
  6. He watched barely legal gay porn. (Which would be fine if he were gay.)
  7. He was addicted to TV but not in a good way, he used it as a gambling tool.
  8. He emailed his erect penis to 30 women.
  9. He repeatedly shoved his wife around.
While I usually ignore gossip this one is a great example of how people who believe in conspiracies actually live their lives.

Since Mister Sheen loves to troll the net if you are reading this I hope you face the truth of this world and retract all your conspiracies, as for the hookers , porn, gambling and drugs...well everyone needs a hobby.

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