Thursday, April 20, 2006

Mercy For The Writers

Smallville: Mercy
Some psycho is after Lionel Luther and as usual on of the Kents gets snatched up. Typical episode with Clark saving the day. The one twist is that Linoel saw Clark using his powers even though he already new about Clarks unearthly origins.
One thing that caught my critical eye was when the elevator came hurdling down Clark stepped under it and stopped it. Now if they would've died when it hit bottom wouldn't they still die just 6 feet higher when the elevator smashed into Clark's hands?

Supernatural: Dead Man's Blood
What is the complete opposite of Charmed? This show.
Today the guys used the power of three to partially defeat some vampires and get a real strong gun.

Yes kids NBC canceled Celebrity Cooking Showdown and replaced it with Will & Grace and My Name Is Earl repeats. I saw parts of the last episode and thought it was another fake reality crapfest.

On another side note I caught the end of The O.C. and while I hate that show it was nice to see Amber Barretto, a former child actress. She is Hispanic and it was kinda sad to see her play a lowly babysitter with a hint of an accent, she should have her own show.

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