Monday, May 01, 2006

Immigrants Gather....

...and get deported!

I hope that all these immigrants rallies around America are being monitored, photographed and soon deported. Today all these felons and their allies gathered and did not work.

It was great the subways were empty on my route and the streets were clear and safe.

I like legal immigration but these new breeds of mostly Mexican, South American and Caribbean don't come to America to be part of us. These felons come over and try to make this country like theirs. They left their crappy country and bring their problems and want us to turn into their crap-filled country.

Hey I don't go to your country and bring to you common sense and clean running water, so don't come hear and bring your ignorance and gang violence.

May 1 is not an American holiday, besides the fact that it began in Chicago in 1886, so stop celebrating it.

Another fact is that Americans will do all the jobs left when we finally deport the felons.

By the way Happy 75th Birthday Empire State Building.

Now please can I get off my rant and return to my regularly scheduled programs.

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