Tuesday, April 18, 2006

What About Realism

What About Brian: Episodes 1 & 2
From the creators of Lost comes a show that is completely unbelievable. This show centers around Brian a poor young lad who gets used by women for one night stands.
His friend Dave has a wife who wants to cheat and gives him permission but he is so in love that he can't even bring himself to seriously flirt with anyone else. Dave's wife Deena, played by the great Amanda Detmer, is an almost-slut-whore who wants to break-up her marriage.

Angelo is the Italian brother-in-law of Brian who helps his through a miscarriage and humiliating exams just to make her happy and she still regrets her situation.

Then there is Adam who is engaged with the almost perfect Marjorie, played by the great Sarah Lancaster. He's a devoted husband to be and comprises to make her happy and she repays him by making out and falling for Brian.

I'm not sure what island these men came from but they sure have greater patience with women than I.

Overall a good show.

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