Friday, February 24, 2006

Thanks For The Repeats

Yes I've been so dang busy with these classes that I can't watch all the TV I'm use to.

Luckily the Olympics cured that problem. I didn't watch any of the Olympics and all the networks decided to show repeats so plenty of time to graph paraboloids and find gradients, wooo-hooo!

Here's an easy little plot z2 = (x2 + y2 )/ 9 and y2 + z2 = 1
This one is simple and took less then a minute soon and it is only getting more complicated. Soon there will be AutoCAD and projects and no more repeats on TV.

Overall kind of weak this season. They're repeating it tonight.

Sci-Fi Friday: Stragate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Battlestar Galactica
The last two are fine but the original Stargate SG-1 is still struggling without Jack.

Drawn Together
Has been one of the few funny things on TV.

Stephen King's Desperation has finally been given an air date but I still don't think it's solid so I'll wait.

Well if I don't write again soon I wish you all good day and have fun. Remember it's just TV, great and wonderful TV.


  1. I'm copy and pasted your original without the new address just in case.

    that grah looks like something out of a bad dream! well a bad dream for me, i was never exactly "miss mathematics" lol
    i can soooo understand why you've been slack!
    i've moved journals again hahaha, i'm not saying you're at all interested i'm just saying, incase you go back to my blog...its been deserted because of some looser who wont f*ck off!
    i dont imagine hed follow me posting here, so my new journal is **************, just for your interest more than anything i guess...hahaha i'm so babbling now, so i'll go!

    keep sane (though i imagine that would be hard considering what course you seem to be doing at college) and happy!

    Luisa xoxo

  2. Hey sweetness sorry I haven't been around, it's been hectic.

  3. all is well! i cant even imagine how busy you are, itc nice that you checked out my new "home"! thanks! and for blurring out my addy, just incase that psycho freak followed me...*siiigh*

    keep happy, safe and ontop of TV and i guess ome school work too :p

    luisa xoxo


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