Monday, February 13, 2006

Super Late Week In Review

First off tomorrow is Single Awareness Day also known as Valentine's Day for couples. If you get some good for you.

Now I've been doing a 9 to 5, 5-day a week class schedule so here are my late reviews.

Surface: Episode 15
The season finale, maybe series finale, picks up with Rich being detained at Iderex(secret creepy lab) where he sees an image of Jackson on a computer screen that says "Sector 1019 Chief", whoa Jackson was working with Iderex.
Meanwhile Miles and family are preaparing to leave while his girlfriend is sent ahead alone. The family makes it to the ferry but the girlfriend gets scooter robbed and knocked out close to Miles' home.
Rich manages not to get killed and uses a cell phone to make his goodbyes.
Miles realizes that his girl is in trouble and jumps ship to find her. At his home he finds his girl and they watch the devastion in Puerto Rico. On th TV they see giant creatures that look like floating debris in the water when suddenly one of them eats the reporter. They know the tsunami is about to hit and drive away.
Laura rescues Rich and the duo make there way to the streets and flag down a car driven by Miles.
Finally all the main characters meet.
Rich takes over driving and the him and Laura meet Nim, there is only time for a quick explanation because the car goes dead as the wave breaks shore. They all run to a church and go up to the steeple as the water rises and medium size sea monsters are looking for human-snacks.
Laura then comments "It's a new world." while looking over a flooded city.
Great show bring it back for a second season!

Scrubs: My Buddy's Booty/Cabbage
Getting a bit cartoonish but having Sarah Chalke and Mandy Moore making out was cool.

Drawn Together
Sick show and cool moments making fun of other cartoons.

Grey's Anatomy: As We Know It
The conclusion from last week when EMT Hannah stuck her hand in a chest to stop the bleeding then panicked and ran away causes Dr. Grey too stupidly stick her hand for the same weak reason. Oh yeah at the same time there is bazooka shell in the man's chest.
Dr. Grey does pull it out and hand it to bomb squad guy(Kyle Chandler of Early Edition fame) when he suddenly blows up into blue mist.Another cool scene was when Dr. O'Malley dream of having all the ladies taking a shower together came true. Unfortunately it was not sexy instead they were washing the pieces of cop off of Dr. Grey.

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