Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sopranos Are Freaking Back

The Sopranos : Members Only
After 2 years the family is back but only 1 year has passed in their universe.
Meadow is hot and showing it to her fiancee.
AJ is being a college punk.
Carmela is having nightmares about Adrianna and her failing new home selling venture.
Tony had a good year and now everything is going bad fast.
Uncle Junior is going crazy.

The "family" is being monitored by the FBI but the first snitch has a heart attack and dies after handing over a bad tape. The second snitch can't go to Florida so he hangs himself.

Tony's day gets worse when Junior in a delusional state shoots him in the gut. Tony barley manages to call 911 and passes out.

Members Only refers to the jacket the guy who hung himself wore.

Grey's Anatomy: Band Aid Covers The Bullet Hole
Dr. Grey grudgingly says sorry to Dr. O'Malley who went all SWF to his hair.
Dr. O'Malley and Dr. Burke get closer to the ire of Dr. Yang.
Dr. McDreamy admits he's been a dick to his wife.

I've been watching all the shows some of the best this week were; King Of Queens, How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men, My Name Is Earl and Battlestar Galatica.

I also saw Crash...I mean Oscar winning Crash. First thing that comes to mind is that Sandra Bullock is barely in the movie but she gets top billing. Don Cheadle and Ludacris carry the movie along with Matt Dillon and Ryan Phillipe. The best scenes involve the Latino family.
Overall it's a very good movie the DVD bonuses suck but I don't care about the extras.

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