Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Chew

Recently stayed home on a weekday and left ABC on after the news was over. Back in the day that meant hours of soap operas but I forgot those days are over. Recently ABC replaced the soaps with The Revolution and The Chew, months later only one show survived.

The Revolution was almost immediately canceled since it had to do with exercise and a healthy lifestyle change.  The Chew on the other hands celebrates foods and crafts which everyone loves. Another plus for The Chew are the hosts.

Daphne Oz, ‎Carla Hall, ‎Mario Batali, ‎Clinton Kelly and Michael Symon make up the co-hosts. Michael and Mario are like feuding brothers. Carla is the cool kid. Daphne is a sweetie pie. Clinton is the main host and is like the older brother who occasionally gets no respect. The cast works well together and they seem to be having fun.

That is the good but the bad is they play to many games with the audience, that is a new thing among talk show. Even Katie Couric plays games in her show. They also make a lot of comfort foods. They try to balance the cooking with healthier alternatives and remind people this should not be everyday food. Still all that food make me full. I am not a foodie but I see why many enjoy this show.

Granted I prefer soaps when I am sick at home but watching a show with fun people is always good.

P.S. I have no plans to make any of their recipes but I may order out.

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