Monday, April 01, 2013

50th Anniversary of General Hospital

It has been 50 years of soapy goodness. This year long celebration included 50 hours of episodes on Soapnet . Many of the key and older characters have been making an appearance. The apex should be the Nurse's Ball this week.

While I have not watched it from the beginning I have seen most episodes since 1991 when Luke & Laura made their original comeback. I wanted to see what the big deal was and became hooked. Mostly with the young character at the time. It was not until years of watching hat I appreciated the older characters.

Drama and ridiculous situations are common place but it is a fun entertaining show. The other alternatives like games show and talk shows all are horrible in comparison for daytime viewers. I know eventually this too will end as cheap low brow TV takes over.

My suggestion is to watch at least a weeks worth of episodes before passing judgement but keep in my this is about fantasy not reality.

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