Thursday, March 01, 2012

Being Human vs. Being Human

Thanks to repeats I got caught up with the U.S.A. and U.K. versions of Being Human. This show is about a reluctant vampire, an accidental werewolf, and a anxious ghost live together and try to be normal.

Image source: SciFi Mafia

Being Human (UK):
Darker, more cursing, and more comedy. Everyone who comes across the path of the trio is much worse for it. There is a lot of history, conspiracies, and prophecies all of which gets resolved. The vampire is a bit naive, dangerous, and funnier than his U.S. counterpart. In the latest episodes everyone is dead and gone except the ghost who is looking for roommates. 

Being Human (USA):
More drama, less blood. The trio is less silly than there UK counterparts which makes them very sympathetic. Since this show is about three seasons behind the UK version you can see where there going. BUT, yes that is a big but, they are not doing as much of the conspiracy/prophecy stuff. Although it is a bit early too accurately compare.

In both cases the show is fine but watching them at the same time is better. There is something about comparing stuff that makes it better.


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