Thursday, February 12, 2009

Missing in Action

So this season has been just fine nothing special but it's not complete. Beside missing shows the new thing in American television shows is to not show the full cast. This is a cost saving measure but is quite annoying since out of 30 minutes a week for 20 odd weeks a year we don't get to see all the characters.


[scrubs] -missing either Judy Reyes (Carla) or Donald Faison (Turk) but last episode they had Zach Braff (JD) do a phone in ala Chrissy Snow circa 1981.

The New Adventures of Old Christine didn't even show new Christine.

Some shows are so subtle that it isn't until days later that the main character didn't even make an appearance.

Cost cutting for a show is fine but to what end. Will a show of 5 regulars be reduced to 2 alternating every week.

Adding one slightly related item students keep losing cell phones, thumb drives, and cables which I find and happily return. Before I do I have to take a peak inside to find the rightful owners. I just want to say thanks for nothing. With all the cool stories about government files or tons of private info lost via missing tech I'm very disappointed in what I see. I get drives with old copies of books I can't use or phones with picks of families and dogs.

Last semester one professor lost his thumb drive with all the exams and codes for the computers but I didn't find it, what did I find an Ipod cable that was returned within hours. Honestly I don't want to take anything but peaking into this generations most sacred keepsakes is very boring.


  1. Over here, our biggest soap opera is "Coronation Street". One thing that always makes a fan of it laugh is when people talk about the character "Tracy Barlow" being sent to her room when she was about 9 years old, only to disappear for years without a mention, then re-appear as a 20-something year old young woman!

    I've got a little autorunning program on my thumb/flashdrives which pops up an "I'm lost!" message along with a way to get it back to me, should I lose it. Be happy to provide the details, if you want.

  2. On soap operas it happens all the time, one thing I forgot to add is the permanent missing. Usually a sibling or kid they go off to play and get completely written out of the show and never existed.

    Worst was a show called The Torkelsons about 5 kids and the mom then after the second season 2 two kids disappeared and were never mentioned.
    Or the opposite when a character is an only child but suddenly they bring a sibling who comes for 1 episode and is never mentioned again.

    I've yet to lose a drive but I use the old fashioned .pdf with my personal info & titled THIS IS NOT YOUR DRIVE


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