Monday, February 16, 2009


Dollhouse: Ghost

When I first heard of this show I thought this was doomed and had no chance. A group of young troubled people get new personalities/lives for special missions. Then I saw some trailers from the original pilot and was intrigued but then came the reshoot.

This episode Ghost was the second pilot and was not as good as the 1 minute original trailer. It doesn't seem as much sci-fi and instead it's more corporate and conspiratorial. Elisha Dushku is great and so is Harry Lennix (last seen getting beat-up in 24).

The first problem I had is she is being used as a high priced designer hooker, although probably realistic if this type of personality exchange did exist, it left a hatred for the entire organization behind these transplants. Knowing this the next episode will deal with a rogue agent.

While I know the pilot is the worst episode, Lost being an exception, this one makes me want to root for the bad guys at every stage.


  1. Ah, shame... sounds good, until you read what you thought of the new pilot.

    There's a little bit here about it too;

  2. This is a Joss Whedon show and I like how his mind works so maybe it will improve.


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