Sunday, February 22, 2009

Just Ewww!

Dollhouse: The Target
Again Echo is being used as a hooker and then becomes the victim of a human hunt.
Honestly I don't understand how a show about a glorified brothel is on air, oh yeah it's Fox. I think it comes as no surprise that men buy prostitutes at higher rates than women. Keeping that in mind half of these dolls in the Dollhouse are guys so I can only conclude that they are also being turned into sexual play things for rich men, even if they are originally straight.
Unless they blow up the Dollhouse in the next few episodes I will probably stop watching soon.

Don't get me wrong Mr. Joss Whedon I'm a fan of morally ambiguous story lines and hope this is all leading up to something just don't stretch out like they did with Battlestar Galactica.

Verminators: Night at the Races
This is a Discovery channel reality-documentary where we follow exterminators doing their job. They enter an apartment that is clean but they have roaches. Soon the expert concludes it is a neighbor causing the problem and they enter the next door slum and find roaches under everything. I insist on eating while this show is on and eventually make myself nauseous.


  1. *Grins*

    We've been watching "Verminators" over here ourselves, and have been more or less enjoying it. It's very much like our own shows; "Life of Grime", "How Clean Is Your House?" etc.

  2. I do enjoy peeking into other people's homes.


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