Monday, August 13, 2007

A Little Seasoning

John from Cincinnati: His Visit: Day Nine
Shaun is back,
Zippy is back,
John is back,
My headache is back and nothing else is resolved.

The entire Yost clan is surfing together even the grandpa if they can keep him from floating away.
This is the last episode of the season and maybe the last episode forever.
Kyle XY: House of Cards
Tom Foss sacrifices himself for Kyle and iy turns out that the precious ring he wanted was not the one that was pawned. Madacorp's CEO still is not the guy pulling all the strings.

Californication: Pilot
Hank Moody is a lecherous divorced dad who gets all the women he wants. He is also a writer who hates the movie made from his book.

The show is pretty basic the try to make the Moody daughter standout but she is still bland in her rebellion. Mia a 16 year old who tricked Hank into sex is a bit interesting.

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