Sunday, August 05, 2007

Fallen Finale

Fallen: Someone Always Has to Die
The rogue angel Azazel turns out to be a bigger threat than The Redeemer. Aaron learns he can send anyone to heaven even sinners.

Fallen: Il Gran Rifiuto
We found out that Lucifer is Aaron's daddy. He seemed pleasant and wants redemption. Guess what, Lucifer lied he is not a nice guy. Lucifer has one Hell of a pad, literally. Apparently hell is a choice for everyone except Lucifer. He tries to convince Aaron to redeem him but Aaron refuses.

After fighting his daddy Aaron sends him to hell, I mean deeper into hell. The Fallen agreed to stop the killing and Aaron can finally go home.

Overall not bad but a bit slow. It lacked the heart the original movie had.


  1. Actually, the POWERS agree to stop killing...

  2. I stand corrected. I got confused after the first hour.


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