Saturday, August 04, 2007

Fallen but not Forgotten

Fallen: The Time of the Redeemer
When we last left Aaron Corbett he was running from angels and struggle to accept his role as The Redeemer, a nephilim who can forgive any sin from any being.

He's still running a year later and he has become an expert in Redeeming. He has magic tattoos all over his body each one for an angel he Redeemed. The problem is that he's misses his old life and repressed so much that when he does blow he freaks normal people out.

Fallen: Mysterious Ways & All That
Aaron meets a creepy professor that tells him The Redeemer may be evil. Professor then shows him another nephilim he is holding hostage. It turns out the girl-nephilim is Vilma Rodriguez the pretty girl from the original movie. Her family was hunted down and was tricked by the prof., who is part of a secret group.

Know free Vilma, Aaron, and recently paroled angel are off to see the Light-Bringer.

Oh yes Gabriel the talking dog is back, he's my favorite.

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