Friday, June 22, 2007


No not that one, which I thought would be a bit controversial.
Jericho was picked and will rerun this summer. It is a great show.

Well old summer shows are back.

  • The 4400 was fine.
  • The Dead Zone makes sleepy even after they changed the son and killed his dad.
  • Rescue Me is great, Shelia is my favorite, Chief Jerry Reilly taking a bullet is messed up.
  • John from Cincinnati reminds me of Kyle XY you know mystery guy with no background and lots of unexplained events. I'm hooked.
  • Kyle XY is still strong but it should focus more on the family and less on the other stuff.

I said it before I don't like reality show or game shows but if I do watch it it will be only the first season because after that they're all fake.

Shaq's Big Challenge has Shaq and a bunch of fat social stunted youths trying to lose weight. Of course they have bad parents and one of the girls is 50% fat-50% human, sexy huh?
The worst is Walter a loser-child-boy who plays video games.

Big Medicine is also a new favorite it is a show about those kids I just mentioned in about 12 years. There are 750 people on that show that have bariatric surgery to become thin because self control is too hard.

Big People, Little World is just great mostly because they have a beautiful home that is super messy. That is the place I want to raise kids.

Kathy Griffin gets sadder every episode.

Still adjust the blog so don't mind the unevenness.


  1. BigMedicine5:07 PM

    BIG MEDICINE Season 2 on TLC
    Premieres January 9th 10pm EST/10pm PST/9pm CST

    TLC’s hit show is back for its second season! Big Medicine returns with bigger and better stories than ever as individuals undertake drastic measures to take a bite out of their obesity. From a previously 1000lb man looking to take his first step in 7 years, to a devastated mother looking to complete her weight loss transformation after losing her daughter to suicide, the stories captivate, and inspire. We’ll see how obesity affects people’s sex lives, relationships and changes marriages forever. Tears will be shed, smiles will be shared, and hope will be instilled as Big Medicine proves there is light at the end of everyone’s tunnel!


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