Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Kyle XY: The Prophet

Kyle is with his creator which is a man who spent 13 months in the whom, eugenics is fun.

Adam Bailyn, the guy who gave his mom an extra 4 months of bloat, was a unique experiment by Einsteins friends. He then felt sad and lonely so he created an artificial whom to stretch gestation to 16 years.

Feeling bad about all the failed experiments he left the group and was being hunted. He has powers to control his body which allows him to change the electro-magnetic parts of his body to move water and other objects.

Oh yes as I predicted on the last episode there is a girl experiment walking around.

It was a good episode even though they killed Adam before telling Kyle of his bio-parents. He did warn Kyle that the more you use your mind-powers the weaker your body gets.

The episode is called The Prophet because that was what a secret society called Kyle.

Also Fallen is coming back in August.

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