Friday, June 29, 2007

Mrs. Tammy Lynn Michaels blogs

Just stumbled upon the blogger blog of Tammy Lynn Etheridge (nee Michaels) its called hollywood farm girl.

She was on the best Christmas episode of any TV shows of all time. It was in the show Popular an episode entitled Fall on Your Knees.

The episode featured Tammy as Nicole, a evil school whore, who gets visited by 3 ghost during Christmas. Yes it is unoriginal but the way it was done was perfect. Her sudden change was not permanent but still effective.

She is a great actress but she gets lots of the less than ideal roles. I liked her in Committed but that show had massive problems. Her blog is a bit bland and there's lots of poetry...ugh. She seems like a modern day hippie. Either way I hope she gets a lead in a sitcom soon it would be great.

By the way should I change my major to TV production? Science is so damned boring.

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