Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Summer Season Is Over

Kyle XY: Endgame
Kyle's obviously fake parents claim there so with a DNA test and some photos.
Foss turns about to be a hero who tells Kyle to go with the fake parents if he wants answers. Kyle then has a tarful goodbye with his adopteed family and Declan.
At his new destination he finds a guy whp looks just like him except 20 years older, played by J. Eddie Peck.
At the evil center the unamed bad guys vow to kill Kyle while they stand over a chamber contain a Kyle XX--a girl clone?

The 4400: Fifty-Fifty
The big battle between Jordan Collier and Isabelle begins. Except Collier is above these petty things and has a shape-shifter take his place and blow up all the governments new soldiers.
Isabelle survives and is mad. She is about to kill Tom when her dad injects her with the future drug and she is rendered powerless.
Good episode overall with Collier handing out the superhero potions to everyone who wants it which includes Tom's son and Diana's sister.
Then out of no where Tom's wife gets abducted by the future people.

Best episode of the season.

The Dead Zone: The Hunting Party
Silly storyline about a hunting trip an accidental shooting and the Vice-President.

Rescue Me: Hell
A strong but funny epsiode showing Tommy losing more loved ones.

Lucky Louie: Kim Moves Out
Louie fights with his angry wife to the point that they must separate. They realize that their marriage is based on hate and resolve to stick it out because that is their version of happy.

Great show, very funny I hope it gets renewed.

Only Windfall is left on Thursday and that show has no future.

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