Monday, August 14, 2006

More Fiction Than Fact

The Ron Clark Story
Matthew Perry plays real teacher Ron Clark in this melodrama. The kids are bad because their homes are horrible but the great savior comes and brings some structure and value to their world.
Nice story but complete garbage. The school, P.S. 83 is one of this city's best schools. The parents raised $16,000 for another school before Clark came.
Here is a quote form Clark...

'Five years later, I saw a program about a school in Harlem. It showed these students who although they were intelligent had extremely low test-scores because the school couldn't attract good teachers. And at that moment I had a feeling... it was like a calling. The next day I told my co-teacher, "I'm going to teach in Harlem." '

Seriously I've been to some of the worst public schools in NYC and they were never this bad even in the South Bronx. Don't believe this "NY will kill you" attitude.

Stereotypes are so compelling.

The 4400: The Gospel According to Collier
Jesus Christ Jordan Collier is back and he brought all the old characters out of hiding. J.C. is large and in charge and told Isabelle where to go.
Diana on the other hand is forced into love by Maia's prediction. Maia sees Diana marrying her sisters boyfriend and goes along with it.

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