Monday, August 14, 2006

Shop, Buy Remote

Had this service for over a week.

HSN itv is a service provided from HSN to shop over your cable box apparently you need to be an account member to buy this crap.
First find the select icon floating on screen...
then hit select on your remote...
A menu of todays craptacular buys are displayed...
Then select payment option...
Select uneeded warranty plan...
Select amounts...
Enter your info and bam you got crap...Thanks for shopping.

Here is a video of the easy to shop way, I took this it on my camera so quality is less then great since TiVo and my PC are not being nice to each other.

There is a slight delay on this channel plus it locks out most of you remote controls other functions to escape you must hit the channel up/down key.

If they make this possible for food and on commercials I'll never leave my home again. Let's pray.

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