Friday, March 31, 2006

50 Years of As The Worlds Turns

Whether or not you like soaps you have to give credit for a show that made the transition from radio to television and is still highly rated. It has been 50 years of As The World Turns on television.

Among the other long running cast members there is Helen Wagner who has played Nancy Hughes on As The World Turns since April 2, 1956, the first TV episode. She was born 3 September 1918 in Lubbock, Texas.

Today is the first of the two part anniversary episode of CBS's As The World Turns. The episode has Maddie Coleman imagining all the family's from Oakdale as classic TV shows.

The Snyders are in a Beverly Hillbillies skit.

Carly Tenney-Lowe-Snyder is in a I Dream of Jeannie skit including the canned laughter.

The Munsons in a Munsters skit.

Katie and family in an I Love Lucy skit Henry Coleman was Ethel and Fred.

Gwen and Will in a Happy Days skit.

The best parts was the use of original theme songs.

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