Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tuesday Night Premieres

Fox is on a roll starting a week earlier then every other network.

Dads: Pilot
It feels like a 1980s sitcom and that is not a good thing. Everything typical of a sitcom is here with no surprises. One of the dads shows up to his son's work and cost them a multi-million dollar deal and everyone just shrugs it off. That scene just made me dislike everything about this show. Add to that there were no laughable moments. That said this is the pilot which is usually the worst episode so maybe I'll try again.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Pilot
Andy Samberg does bits while solving cases as a detective. Again no laughable moments but at least it is less formulaic then Dads. This show has a better future but it still is a low brow comedy which is not a good time for me.

New Girl: All In
Jess and her new beau run off to Mexico while the roommates continue to ruin their own lives. The show is sweeter than it is funny but worth watching if you like absurd situations.

The Mindy Project: All My Problems Solved Forever
Finally a funny show that I actually laughed out loud. Mindy and the cast are constantly throwing out clever and funny lines showing how the writing and acting are the best among Fox's comedies. New to the cast is James Franco who is great when he tries and yes he is trying for this role.

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