Friday, September 27, 2013

New and Shiny Shows

The Crazy Ones: Pilot
Robin Williams is the dad, Sarah Michelle Gellar is the daughter and together they are the perfectteam in an ad agency. Real celebrities like Kelly Clarkson and McDonalds were used in the pilot. Clarkson was great as a version of herself that wanted to become less pure and sweet. Williams was typically and annoying while Gellar was almost invisible.
The Crazy Ones refers to a old commercial that pitched nothing but an idea before a product was made.

Two and a Half Man: Nangnangnangnang
The episode title refers to the sound/action that Alan made when breast feeding. The show introduced the new "Half Man". Since Angus T. Jones is gone they needed another woman crazy perv. Amber Tamblyn is a horny drunk lesbian who is also Charlie's secret daughter. In this modern day no one on the show asked for DNA proof which seemed a bit false. Amber is a great actress but so far her character is very one-dimensional.

Also Alan is no longer a chiropractor as he refused to pay higher rents for his practice.Now he is Walden's personal assistance.

Parenthood: It has to be now
Amber is going to marry her unstable boyfriend because that will help the situation. Kristina is running for mayor because her opinion matters even though all she cares about is her kids. that autistic kid is huge and now a photographer.

Great that the show is back but I forgot how silly these people act sometime, just like real people.

Sidenote: Optimum is still interrupting breaking news stories with Optimum commercials after 15 minutes of air time.

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