Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The View: Blonde Ambition

The View like most talk shows goes for controversy not actual intelligent conversation. When they first announced Sherri Shepard and Whoopi Goldberg I was excited because I thought two comediennes meant more discussion and logical arguments. I was so wrong.

It turned out Whoopi hardly joins in especially in interview segments. On the other Shepard is constantly jumping in showing how ignorant she is on most topics. Her blind faith dulls her logical side to the point she has made some amazingly stupid quotes that should not be repeated.

That leads us to Jenny McCarthy the replacement for Elizabeth Hasselback. McCarthy is from that funny and talented McCarthy clan and she has hosted many other things before. The fact is she has a great TV personality and her comic timing is great but she is also as ignorant as 80% of The View's former hosts.

McCarthy mistakenly believes vaccines are bad and other ridiculousness about autism. While she has a right to her opinions that does not mean her opinions are right. Just the opposite many of the claims she makes are scientifically inaccurate. What I like about Whoopi is that if she is provided more information she will adjust her opinions which is how science works. McCarthy like Hasselback has chosen a side and set a belief system to it and will never budge even when hard evidence is presented, that is the definition of ignorant.

Hopeful for the seasons without any original members but bracing for a storm of ignorant quotes, like Juror B37.

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