Thursday, June 28, 2012

Anger Management Premiere

Anger Management: Charlies Goes Back To Therapy, Charlie and the Slumpbuster

Charlie Sheen plays Charlie Goodson an ex-ballplayer turned therapist for an anger management group. Now putting my dislike for Sheen aside the show has some funny moments most from the cast few from Sheen. 

The cast is made up of crazies or playing crazy. His daughter has OCD. His ex-wife is played by Shawnee Smith from Becker fame. Brian Austin Green is the exes new boyfriend. Selma Blair plays Charlie's friend with benefits. Brett Butler from Grace Under Fire fame is the local bartender. Michael Boatman from Spin City fame plays his friend. Barry Corbin from Northern Exposure fame plays an old fashioned bigot that is seeking help in group therapy.

Charlie is seeking therapy as his anger is back out of control in first episode. The second episode has Charlie making up for sleeping with an ugly girl back in his ball playing days or slumpbusting.

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