Friday, June 22, 2012

Adam Carolla vs The Unfunny

Adam Carolla made several jokes about women and the homosexual community. They were jokes and intended to mix truth with humor. Unfortunately media whores like Perez Hilton and half of The Talk staff used their best parasitic tendencies to try and make it a big deal.

Sheryl Underwood in the same breath calls Adam's wife a bitch without a hint of shame. Great for a daytime talk show when the child of Mrs. Carolla can watch and wonder why some unfunny woman is calling her mom a bitch. Julie Chen talked about women who gather and make jokes while guys don't laugh. She thinks it is because the guys are jealous not even thinking for a second that maybe men just don't find their brand of humor funny.

Any who has followed Carolla for the last 30 years knows he is a good man of honor who would stand up for any person being bullied or offended. He is also a comedian who will make jokes about anything and everything. Seriously listen to old Loveline episodes and even the worst tragedies can solicit humor.

Parasites like Sharon Osbourne and Perez Hilton who create nothing original and just live off the drug addicts in their lives should take a step back and see how the world really works.  These two combined had made fun and straight out lied about many celebrities and facts to the point they had to issue official apologies.

I would add they spent the next segment saying how women are better liars since the are psychologically more developed. Which they all accepted as true. BUT WAIT. If that is true then men are more immature and find more things funny that would make Carolla's statement about female comics also true.

Holly Robinson and Leah Remini were funnier, keep Aisha and get rid of the rest.


  1. Some people just can't take a joke....especially if it rings a little too true for them.

  2. Some people just can't take a joke....especially if it rings a little too true for them.

    True, I have friends from many countries and religions and we spend they weekends having and sometimes crude jokes are involved. I can only imagine what some outside person would think but then again I wouldn't care.


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