Friday, December 31, 2010

News Fail

I used to love local news especially WPIX where Kaity Tong has anchored for decades. The news was simple straight forward and light with fluff and teasers.

Then suddenly they started bringing in pundits and commentators who resemble rejects from FOX or Comedy Central. Then they changed the format to a standing woman in front of a green screen doing a top 11 news run down. It's like a Youtube version of the news. Unfortunately the ratings reflect that it is working. For me this news is now unwatchable.

Oh and they have the original anchors pushed to the side and weekends doing on the scene stuff.

Moving onto NY1 the only good news channel left suddenly changed from channel 1 to 8.

Worst part was that TiVo changed it 2 weeks ago but Cablevision did not move the channel until Monday. When TiVo deletes a channel you can no longer record or even watch the programs.I don't know why the move but I fear what shenanigans will happen soon.

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