Tuesday, June 08, 2010


The season premiere of True Blood although I will be out of town. Dang.


  1. do I detect sarcasm?

  2. No, True Blood is the only show I want to see over the summer and I have a trip scheduled.

  3. You're not alone. I am anxiously awaiting "True Blood", and reading "Dead in the Family" (the 10th book in the series) did nothing to make the wait easier. The only other must-watch shows for me this summer are "Drop Dead Diva" and "Doctor Who", unless something really cool comes along. That's fine, though, because I would like to switch gears and get some reading done.

  4. I want to read the books also but I'm still a shelf full of books behind.

    Doctor Who is also on my list hopefully I will be employed at least part-time.


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