Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost: Finale

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2 hours and 15 minutes of greatness and then 15 minutes of ghost nonsense.

The theory most people had about being in purgatory was partially correct.

The only clue given that the past 6 years on the island wasn't a dream was that Hurley mentioned to Ben that working together as the islands No. 1 and No. 2 were good years.

So the Island was real.
The flashbacks were real.
The flash-forwards were real.

The flash-sideways was fake.

I just wanted to write it down before I forget the show entirely.

One thing I did predict was that Hurley would ultimately be in charge.

Final Theory:
The light was a natural phenomenon  that people over the years have accidentally discovered all over the world, Eloise Hawking said as much.
On this Island the light allows people to make rules.

2,000 years ago a woman made a rule to keep the brothers on the island and not kill each other.
Once she died the Jacob made more rules about finding candidates, creating a lighthouse, rules about these candidates and rules for himself.
Now that Hurley is in charge he can make any rules he wants.

Reference this....
South Park: Dead Celebrities 

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