Monday, November 02, 2009

V before V

In 1983 the V mini-series debuted to a huge response. It spawned a sequel then it's own TV series ending in a 2 hour finale.

Sci-Fi channel repeated most of it this Sunday in anticipation of the big remake on ABC this Tuesday.

To recap aliens come to Earth they claim to need chemicals for their world. Soon scientist begin to disappear and other scientists are brainwashed to tell lies because science would reveal the truth. The truth becomes clear that the human-like aliens are just lizards in disguise, they are lying about their mission, and they are using Republican Nazi tactics.

As the aliens slowly takeover and suppress humans a resistance begins to form. Using mostly bombs as a tool the aliens are shaken up but hardly defeated, seriously bullets versus spaceships. Some moderate aliens help the resistance and reveal the full plan. They are on a dying planet and are stealing our water and people to eat.

A side thought that never gets developed after the first series is other aliens. The (V)isitors have another enemy so dangerous that they defeated the V in battle. They Other aliens are also to dangerous for the good V to approach for help against the bad V. Some humans will be turned into soldiers to fight the enemy. Humans send a signal into space to find the Other aliens but it would take years.

Throughout the series humans keep fighting and drive the aliens off the Earth but as V reinforcements come a half-human half-alien super-girl becomes the liaison to both races and takes off to broker peace.


  • Aliens also have magic powers (mind control, telekinesis, etc.)
  • Water is heavy in gravity. Especially since the Oort Cloud around our solar system has thousands of moon size balls of ice-comets free to take.
  • Why not cows? Or pigs? Even if humans have some special chemical just modify livestock DNA to produce a viable alternative.
  • How much do they need? The V talk of visiting at least a dozen planets and doing the same.


  1. I really liked "V" when it was on, first time around. Did you watch "Alien Nation"? We only got to see the series over here quite recently, and I for one, really enjoyed it.

  2. Yeah Alien Nation was good plus the several TV-Movies they made were well done.

    Again there are rumors of an Alien Nation remake using CGI.


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