Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy New Years


Grey's Anatomy just went from Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Years Day just to advance a storyline in one episode.

Granted the Ghost Whisperer did the same in the season premiere by moving the storyline forward by 5 years.

Best shows on TV:
Glee - has kept the characters well grounded and the singing has been excellent.
Dexter - Great and complicated.
Californication - They brought in Rick Springfield, need I say more.

James Franco is doing a soap?


  1. I am LOVING "Glee"! Any show that includes this much song and dance is alright by me. Of course, I like "Cop Rock", too :-).

    A lot of people say that "Grey's Anatomy" jumped the shark a long time ago and I was ready to abandon it myself last season. However, I still enjoy the "speechifying" that they have some of the characters do, so I stick with it even when the plot twists are outrageous.

  2. Grey's Anatomy lost me when they fired Washington over some non-issue then the two instigators complained and quit.


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