Thursday, January 25, 2007

Oh Yeah I Forgot Him

While I've been slow to blog lately it doesn't help when I have no idea what shows are on.

George Lopez came back but Lost didn't and King of Queens was back for a while and now it's gone. Prison Break is back so is 24 and Heroes while quietly Battlestar Galactica restarted while the Stargates are not on.

Oh yeah Monk came back again with Psych but The Dead Zone, The 4400, and Rescue Me are no where to be seen. Rome is also back with Extras but Sopranos won't be out until much later.

I'm confused and fed up. While I can now TiVo everything I still like a regular schedule, I'm a TV fan not a recording fan.

George Lopez: George's Mom Faces Hard Tambien
So Masiela Lusha aka Carmen Lopez is off to college and out of the show which is sad on many levels. While the rest of the family is slowly falling apart.

Not much to say but it is a fairly good comedy.


  1. I know what you mean -- all the TV schedules are going crazy. My husband can't stand it. I'm old enough to remember when shows started in September, took a short break at the end of December, and then ran until May. Now every show seems to have its own schedule. The paper TV Guide has fallen out of fashion, but now is the time when we really need it so we can keep up with all the different start dates.

    However, Dead Zone and The 4400 are pretty consistent. They have always been summer shows, so you can expect to see them in June or July.

  2. True but for Christmas 2005 they aired a Dead Zone special Christmas episode called A Very Dead Zone Christmas with Santa Claus.

    This year they had a special Monk episode one for Thanksgiving and one for Christmas.


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